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Shakti Peeth:Temple of Maa Chandika,Munger


Shakti Peeth of Maa Chandika is a Hindu temple situated in Munger district of Bihar. Located just 4km from the heart of the town of Munger. Tikarampur is the nearest village panchayat at the bank of river Ganga where this Shakti Peeth is located. Another side is the sprawling campus of ITC at Basudeopur, Munger.


The holy shrine of Chandika Sthan is considered to be one of the most sacred and sanctified temples for Hindu. It is one of the sixty-four Shakti Peethas of India. During Navaratri, thousands of devotees visit this temple to offer Prayer and worship to Chandika Maa. People say that devotees with eye disorder come and offer worship here to cure their eye disorder and take mascara to get relief from eye pain and disorder.

Devotees queued for offering Jal at Chandika Sthan Munger
What myth says about Chandi Shakti Peetha?

 According to myth, Parvati as Sati, the “virtuous wife,” killed herself when her father insulted Shiva. Her corpse, borne on his shoulders, was cut up by Vishnu to end Shiva’s dangerously violent grief. The parts of Parvati’s body then fell to earth at the Shakti-peetha sites.


The left eye of the Sati fell at Munger, which subsequently developed into a place of worship of the Divine Mother Chandi. Among the different Shakti peethas, Chandika Sthan is famous for the cure of eye troubles, as per the traditional belief of the local folklore.

Tales of Mahabharata with Chandika asthan

A legend connected with Chandika asthan is regarding King Karna of the ancient Indian kingdom of Anga, who used to worship Chandi Mata every day and in turn, the Goddess gave him “Sava Mann  Sona ”  (50 kilograms of Gold)  for distribution among the needy and downtrodden at Karanchaura ( currently  Bihar school of Yoga campus  is Situated)

Days of Navratri

Navratri has always been a special celebration in Munger and when we talk about Chandika Sthan it takes a special part in celebration every year. Special pooja is organized on Navratri’s Ashtami and a large number of devotees arrive here from the first day of  Durga puja till ninth day. The street is filled with the resonance of ”Bol Bom Bol Bom ” from the early morning.


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Nandan Baba, chief priest of Chandika Asthan says:

  ‘‘ During Navaratri, the offering of Jal and prayer to Chandika maa start just after midnight during Ashtami (8th day )  and Navami (9th day )  and it goes till evening. The long queue goes till two to three kilometres starting from temple premises .”

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The huge premises of the temple have a number of temples. The main Maa Chandika Shakti Peeth is encaved inside a narrow hill. It is believed that the hill is alive and grow in its hight. Kali Maa Temple, Family of Shiva, Kaal Bhairav, the family of Durga Maa,  and Hanuman temple are some temples of Maa Chandika asthan where devotees also offer Jal and worship. 

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Puja Booking

If you like to book your Puja in advance the same is available these days at  Maa Chandika Asthan.Check out the tariff and Puja you would like to organise for you.


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  • Nariyal Chunri: A Nariyal ( coconut)  and  Chunri ( Colourful piece of cloths)  are offered to Maa Chandika on your behalf or on your name. The cost for this is Rs. 51.
  • Two Wheeler & car  Sankalp: Sankalp puja and offering are being done on behalf of the owner by a priest.
  • Pratahkalin Arti: Each day a Morning Aarti is being performed after cleaning the Mandir between 4.45 to 5.45. This puja and Arti will be done on the name of devotee and Prasad can be collected from the temple priest. The cost for this is Rs. 501.
  • Shringari Puja with Arti in Evening: Each day at evening a Shringari Puja is being done in which full Sringari is offered to Maa Chandika. Ornaments, Makeup items, Bedsheets and other related items are offered to Mata. The cost for this is Rs. 1011.

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All the Puja, Sankalp and offering can be carried out at Maa Chandika Asthan by choosing one priest of your choice at the temple any time in the daytime.  The good time to visit and offer prayer and worship is on Tuesday.

For more detail, regarding the arrangement of  Puja or Sankalp, you can contact temple authority here:

    • Address: Chandika Sthan Dharmik Nyas Samiti, Munger – 811201, Bihar, India.
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • contact info: +91-6344-220826


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