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5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Rohtas, Bihar You Need To Explore this monsoon

It’s Monsoon in Bihar, and you know this is the best time to visit the waterfalls of Bihar. Rohtas and Kaimur have more than  200 waterfalls appear during monsoon. “According to Ain-i- Akbari, a book written by Abu’l Fazl,  a Court historian of Mughal Emperor Akbar describe about more than 200 waterfalls appear in Bihar in the rainy season”. Few of the 15 that I have visited and seen, are incredible and easily accessible.

The beauty of Rohtas district is that it is located on the oldest national highway and is connected very well with other cities of the state and outside as well.  I was amazed to see the waterfalls of Bihar when I visited for the first time last year. Last year, for three consecutive monsoon weeks, I visited Rohtas and Kaimur district and saw around 15 waterfalls in the Kaimur hills range. These all are beautiful, incredible and unbelievable for those seeing them for the first time. 

Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

Tutla Bhawani is a famous pilgrim spot in Sasram and recently developed as an eco-tourism site in Bihar. Located approximately 20 Km southwest of Dehri on Sone in the Tilothu block of Rohtas District. To reach the Tilothu Bazar, from Dehri take Dehri-Nauhatta-Yadunathpur Road (NH-119) for 20 KM. NH-119 can take you to Kashis Waterfall as well as to the famous  Rohtasgarh fort. To drive toward Tutla Bhawani you may take the help of Google map and ask local people. The roads are narrow and get long jams during the pick time, so try to reach as early as possible. I reach around 8 in the morning so I did not get into any Jam on the road but in return around 2.30 pm, caught in the big Jam. 

To reach near to the temple of Goddess Jagaddhatri Mahismardini Durga and Tutla Bhawani, it is good to take Hanging Bridge. The water level goes deeper if it rains heavily. When I visited, the Hanging Bridge was close, so I took the water stream to reach near. After a few hours, the rain started, and all caught in that heavy flow of stream while return. So when the rain starts, try to escape from water streams as soon as possible.

This eco-tourism site gives you an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones in Bihar at an affordable cost, located just 160 km from Patna and 140 km from Gaya. I would suggest you take at least one full day time to spend time here. 

What you get at Tutla Bhawani Waterfall  

  • Enjoy an easy Treking/walk of around 1.5km in Kaimur Hills valley, to reach near the waterfall and Tutla Bhawani temple. 
  • Enjoy the bath near the waterfall and shower all around
  • Enjoy the stunning view of the waterfall and Kaimur Hills, from the Hanging Bridge.
  • Offer prayer to Goddess Jagaddhatri Mahismardini Durga and Tutla Bhawani 
  • You can find the Forest department permanent Nursery nearby the entry gate where you can purchase a variety of saplings at a very good rate.

Kashis Waterfall  

If you finished your visit at Tutla Bhawani Waterfall, you can stay on NH-119, just for 10 Km and reach Amjhore. Near the state bank of Amjhore, you have to take a road toward the hill just for 2-3km to reach  to Kashis Waterfall. This waterfall is a little deep into the forest, so you gave to park your car or bike a little away from the location. The waterfall is purely natural and water falls from the height of 800 feet, and is very scenic amid nature. 

What you get at Kashis Waterfall 

  • Small distance trek amid nature away from city noise
  • Perfect peace and scenic amid nature. 
  • Enjoy wonderful bath 
  • Seat calm and listen to nature’s calls, great for piece mind

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Manjhar Kund and Dhua kund

Maa Tara Chandi Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Pithas in India located on GT Road in Sasaram.  Near Tara Chandi Temple, a road goes toward Rohats valley, it takes you to several waterfalls and also Rohtas fort. En route Manjhar Kund and Dhua Kund are located. They are connected waterfalls very near to each other. Manjhar Kund is the best picnic place and enjoying a bath without any risk. To get a splendid view of  Dhua Kund one must cross the Dhua Kund bridge and go toward Dhua kund temple. For peace of mind, do sit and fill the vibes of so-called Dhua Kund. The Source of water coming from Rohtas valley of Kaimur hills finally give birth to the cow river after falling from Dhua Kund. The river is seasonal and one of the tributaries of Ganga. 

What you get at Manjhar Kund and Dhua Kund

  • Long drive on the pebbled road of Rohtas valley and get the splendid view of Sasaram city and GT road.
  • Picnic spot near Manjhar Kund
  • Manjhar Kund is best for enjoying a bath
  • Get on the top of Manjhar Kund for a stunning view of Rohtas Valley.
  • Get the stunning view of Dhud Kund from Dhua Kund temple. The water steam fall at a height of 100 feet. 

Gitaghat waterfall

Stay on GT Road, take Sasaram -Darigoan road near Mahindra Showroom, you will pass through a small village Sikariya not much densely populated. From the village take the road which goes toward the hills. You will find a road running parallel to the newly constructed canal that goes to the Karamchat dam. The road was not fully constructed in 2021, so, I  am not sure how it goes to the Karamchat. But this same road parallel to the canal and root of the hills takes you to several waterfalls like Megha Ghat, GeetaGhat waterfall, Nadan waterfall, Paniyari Ghat and others. I have gone till GeetaGhat waterfall, there is a baba temple called Geeta ghat ashram, till there you can take your car.

A small distance trek on slippery stones will take you near to the waterfall, but it is very risky to go near during rain. One can go to the top of the hill where water falls from a Kund near the base temple (Geeta ghat ashram) and the second temple of Geetaghat Aashram is located on the top hill.

What you get at Gitaghat waterfall

  • Trekking to the top site of the waterfall is of high difficulty because you need to trek along the running streams of water. The other side is blocked by dense forest.  
  • The Kaimur hills look amazing from the village along with the paddy field.
  • You can spot several waterfalls on the way to Gitaghat while you drive along the canal road. 

GuptaDham  and Dhawalkund Waterfall

GuptaDham is the most famous pilgrims site in the Rohtas district. It is also famous for Gupta Dham Mahadev Temple and Gupteshwar. The Inscription (Shiva-Linga) is made up of limes on a small rock inside a narrow cave with an entrance of 18 ft wide and 12 ft in height. One has to go deeper in dark to 363 feet to watch the Shiva shrine. During the month of Shravan, the place is visited mostly by local pilgrims to offer the workshop to lord shiva and blessing. To reach the location, one has to trek around 11km along Guptagham Trail starting near Paniyari Ghat from the Sasaram side. When you want to come from Kaimur, the road to the GuptaDham starts exactly near the entry gate of Karamchat dam or Shergarh fort. To reach near Dhawalkund Waterfall, you have to walk just 1-2 km from the temple to reach the location. 

GuptaDham  and Dhawalkund Waterfall

  • A wonderful trek on Rohtas Valley of  Kaimur Hills 
  • Blessing of Gupteshwar Nath
  • Amazing view of Dhawalkund Waterfall
  • A wonderful view of the Durgawati river and Kaimur valley when you come from the Kaimur side.
  • In the trek, you will come across a number of beautiful waterfalls. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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