Our Munger

let’s start with what Wikipedia says about Munger

Munger is a twin city and a Municipal Corporation situated in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the administrative headquarters of Munger district and Munger Division. It is the fifth largest city of Bihar and second largest city in Eastern Bihar.

Historically, Munger is known for being an ancient seat of rule. The twin city comprises Munger and Jamalpur situated on the southern bank of the river Ganges. It is situated 60 km west of Bhagalpur, and 180 km east of capital city Patna.”

Yup, it’s over in two paragraphs.  Is that our Munger only ??

Absolutely the answer would be no. Why don’t you explore about Munger in our new blog? We would tell you better about our Munger as we together explored and discovered it.

This blog page is all about our Munger District. Time to explore and contribute.

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