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BR08- “Ye Munger Hai”: 1st Ever Hip-Hop track on Munger, Bihar

The hip-hop song is not just a thing of film city these day, a wave of hip-hop track just reached the Munger City when a famous Rapper SRV and Akki rap king streamed their rap track BRO8-”Ye Munger hai” on their Youtube channel.

This is not a joke, the song got 10k view just in less than half a day after it was shared on YouTube at 7:00 PM on 20th Jan. 2021.

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BR08 is first-ever Hip-Hop rap song on Munger. The shooting of BR08 has been done in the month of December 2020. The song  Cinematography is done by Shaadi Nama: a Munger based professional wedding and event Photography studio in association with Incredible Munger. 

Rapper SRV (Saurav) from Ranchi and Akshay from Muzaffarnagar, UP are hip hop artists in BR08. They are famous for making a city-based song since 2018. JH01 Ranchi, Patna -BR01, Wassayepur- Dhanbad, Ranchi -2, Muzaffarnagar Song ( UP 12 ) are some of their famous song floating on YouTube Chanel –Akki Rap King.

Watch the full Song-BRO8-”Ye Munger hai” Here: 

Shooting of BR08

For BR08 Munger song, the shooting has been done at several locations of Munger including Fort area, Karnachaura, Bihar school of Yoga, Kastharni Ghat, Babbu Ghat, Kharagpur Lake,Tomb of Pir Shah Nufa, Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary, Munger Ganga bridge, Sita Charan, Sita kund, Kali Pahadi,  Water filter of Jamalpur etc.The famous food stalls like amber sweets, shree Ram kulphi, Debu chat, Bholu meat bhandar, and Himalayan momo can be seen in the song. The Industry and development of Munger were also taken in the track that includes Jamalpur Workshop, ITC , Munger rail-cum road Bridge etc. The famous Durga Puja of Munger and city of Yoga is also mentioned in the song. The importance of Chandikasthan and Kastharni Ghat can also be seen in the song. 

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About the Artists

Rapper SRV aka Sourav is 26, Ranchi based rapper. He is studying Masters from BIT Sindri Dhanbad. He is passionate for making city-based rap song. He considers a city-based song can connect all the people in one and also a person living outside from his city can feel his own place by the help of Rap song.

Akshay Kumar, famous with a nickname AKA Akki Rap King, belong to Muzaffarnagar, UP. He has done diploma from MMU Mullana, Ambala  & Sound Engineering from Beat Factory , Green Park, New Delhi. He is in Music since 10th Standard and entered professional life of music in 2014. An interesting fact about Akki is that he is the Fastest Rapper in India. He has completed more than fifty video songs track and production on YouTube and many more to count on in future. 

From Playlist of SRV & Akki- BR01 Patna : Watch it now.

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Team BR08

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